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Natural Health Blog — hormonal balance

Hormones + gut health and how they are related!

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            Meet Lisa. Lisa is beautiful by almost any set of standards. Not too skinny, not pudgy, not frumpy at all, she has olive skin and big brown eyes. Like most women (all women?) she has some very particular complaints about her body and the way she feels. She doesn’t like her boobs (not perky enough), she feels like her ankles and calves are “way too thick” and most troubling to her are bouts of cystic acne and some intermittent discomfort in her gastro-intestinal tract, lovingly referred to as her “gut” from here on out. She’ll...

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Do I Need To Detox for my Breast and Hormonal Health?

acne breast health detox drainage eczema eliminations emunctories endocrine disruptors hormonal balance lymphatic circulation lymphatic system


        Every day our bodies naturally produce toxins and waste through digestion, breathing and basic metabolic functions. In addition, just by living in a modern world, we are constantly exposed to external toxins through our food, air, water, cleaning supplies, and so on. The good news is that our bodies are designed to break down and eliminate toxins in a timely manner. The bad news is that our detoxification and elimination pathways can become overloaded, weakened, or dysfunctional, resulting in a buildup of toxins that, whether stored or re-circulated, eventually cause chronic symptoms.

        Like what,...

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