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Intensive Nutrition

Our Company's Hallmarks: Product Quality, Product Efficacy, Customer Education and Superior Customer Service
For more than 40 years and spanning two family generations, Intensive Nutrition has brought the complementary and alternative medicine community nutritional excellence. Intensive Nutrition is proud to continue to provide exceptional products and thanks you, our valued customers, for our success. To those that are new to us, let us welcome you to the Intensive Nutrition family.

INI products are manufactured in-house at our San Leandro, California facility which allows us exceptional access to all levels of the manufacturing process at every point in the manufacturing process. INI products are manufactured according to the standards set forth by the U.S. Pharmacopeia. In accordance with FDA regulation and US law (DSHEA), we adhere to GMP protocol in the manufacture of our products. This includes extensive testing before, during and after manufacturing processes, proper identification and confirmation of all raw materials and redundancy systems to ensure safety. As a consequence we can ensure the safety and purity of our dietary supplements.

Our formulations reflect unparalleled knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and how the body properly assimilates dietary supplements. If we cannot demonstrate through science the real potential benefit of a dietary supplement, then that formula, ingredient, etc., will not bear the Intensive Nutrition name. The same goes for all our raw materials and excipients (See our article on the safety of Magnesium Stearate). In addition, the majority of our raw materials are certified KOSHER.