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Blood Type/Genotype Diet Program

I use a sophisticated dietary analysis and reporting software program that Dr. Peter D'Adamo designed for clinical practice. I have been using GenoType Diet software to construct personalized nutritional guidelines for patients for 6 years and feel that the individualized approach through the GenoType Diet has been particularly beneficial.

It has given me the tools to create completely specific diets for people with various conditions, with differing inherited weaknesses or strengths, based on vast amounts of nutritional information.

The GenoType Diet process involves working with the patients on a personal health history, biometric testing, bio-impedence testing, blood testing and a number of other health factors and goals. The program can be further customized to reflect the patient's preferences, such as Kosher or vegetarian. Once the process is complete, a fully customized book is created that includes, food lists, meal plans and recipes.

It's really a one-of-a-kind diet tool. One may read more here.