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Angela Montanez

I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I can't begin to tell you the difference being under the care of Dr. Nash has made in my life. She truly cares for her patients and their wellbeing. Being given a cancer diagnosis immediately makes you feel out of control. With Dr. Nash's guidance I feel that I am in control and making positive changes. I feel with her extensive knowledge I am doing as much as possible to be proactive and healthy. Dr. Nash is truly a healer and I would not be able to navigate this path without her guidance.

Teresa M. Bugden

Until a few years ago, I seldom went to see a doctor.  I felt generally healthy, and isn't it just sick people that go to a doctor's office?  (Also I did not know Ginger Nash.)  However, life took a turn after a long spell of fatigue issues and other symptoms.  I reluctantly started seeing a doctor (MD) about my ongoing fatigue and a new flare-up of headaches.  He ran a series of lab tests, diagnosing me as hypothyroid from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and began treating me with synthetic thyroid hormone.  He explained that the natural progression of this (autoimmune) condition was eventual destruction of the thyroid gland.  He also told me that any root cause intervention (through the use of pharmaceuticals to modify the body's immune response) was “too dangerous”.  He said not to worry though, because taking thyroid medication for the rest of my life was effective and not really a big deal.  However, on my own, I began to read and learn about the condition and found that other people have successfully recovered using safer methods that remove the autoimmune triggers!  Certainly I wanted to explore this option, but sadly, my MD was not familiar with any of these practices.  I began to consult with a variety of other doctors in my insurance network to see if anyone could help, while I continued taking my thyroid medication.  

However, I was still constantly tired and began to suspect that there was more going on than  conventional medicine, or at least my doctors, could address.   About a year after my Hashimoto's diagnosis, I was still feeling very run down and barely holding to the hope that I would get better.  One “clue” with my health mystery was some temporary improvement that I experienced while receiving a course of antibiotics to treat a gut issue as directed by my GI doctor.  (He was treating me for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.) When I mentioned this short-lived improvement to my MD, he suggested the possibility that I “might” have a Lyme infection.  This surprised me because none of my blood tests had ever shown a “CDC positive” result.  Unfortunately, he did not offer me anything but a follow-up appointment in three months to see how I was doing, and he did not make a note in my file regarding the possibility that I might have Lyme Disease.  This concerned me and I did not want to wait any longer to deal with it, and most of all, I did not want to get worse!  I decided to look for another doctor who had experience with Lyme and chronic health conditions, and thankfully, I met Ginger Nash.

At first, I was reluctant to visit an out-of-network doctor, but I had also read about patients who suffered for years with chronic health issues associated with Lyme Disease, and who sought help from doctor after doctor, before they finally received a diagnosis and treatment.  I did not know for sure whether or not I had an active Lyme infection, but certainly I did not want to be one of those people who continued to suffer.  From my first meeting with Dr. Nash, I felt assured that this was a physician whose knowledge and practice were centered on sound practices that promoted patient health and healing, and I appreciated her review and explanation of what she found from my previous lab tests in combination with the thermography test (which was totally new to me).   When she told me that I WAS dealing with Lyme Disease, I was simultaneously concerned and relieved about the diagnosis.  She started me on a treatment plan immediately, and the following weeks of recovery were physically and mentally challenging.  She told me to stay the course and not give up.  After several weeks, I repeated the Lyme Western Blot tests independently and received my first “CDC positive” result that confirmed the Lyme infection.  (While there was no question in Ginger Nash's mind, it was a good for me to have lab results that finally confirmed the clinical diagnosis.)

Getting past Lyme was an important step on my road to recovery, and I am thrilled how Ginger Nash has helped me to understand and to work through a complex set of health issues.  I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time.  While I discontinued my thyroid medication several months ago per the recommendation of a different MD, I can now happily share that recent thyroid lab results show that I am no longer hypothyroid!  Here's to hope, health and happiness!  (Not to mention, feeling good about visiting the doctor.)

Andy B.

Several family members who are patients of Dr. Nash had been urging me to see her with a problem I had for six months while under the care of my gastroenterologist and including acupuncture visits over a period of two months. I finally relented and made my appointment. I found her to be decisive and totally wired in to the problem I was having. What she prescribed for me was met with dramatic results within a matter of days - this, mind you, after trying many things with my physician over a period of six months! Other members of my family, even those in good health, have expressed their intention to see her. Well done Dr. Nash!

Lorenzo Porcelli

Dr. Nash is my shinning star in a cloud of darkness. Prior to meeting her I was headed to a dismal place with no hope in sight. For the last five years I have been to multiple western medical doctors. Since I have such a complex medical history they determined that there would be nothing they could do for me. According to their suggestion I would need to "just accept" feeling ill for the rest of my life. This I refused and tried to advocate as best I could to find the root cause of my issues. My advocacy lead to more pointless testing, more out of pocket costs, more stress, no relief, and still no definitive diagnosis. Then I met an angel in disguise, Patti Hartman, who after five minutes of speaking with me recommended I see Dr. Nash. I scheduled an appointment the next day and have been a patient of Dr. Nash's for the last four months. During this short time Dr. Nash has helped me tremendously! She identified my issues and I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I have been genotyped and am a devoted Genotype Diet follower. I have dropped 65 pounds, and counting, in four months. This still blows my mind due to my limited and inconsistent ability to exercise. Lyme Disease is no walk in the park and truly debilitating at times. Luckily, Dr. Nash is always by my side ready for not only the peaks, but also the valleys. She is extremely compassionate, knowledgeable, and willing to do whatever she can to help. I trust all of her advice because I reap the beneficial results. I feel truly blessed to have a practitioner finally advocate for me! Dr. Nash will provide the relief and results you have been looking for. As long you do your part, she will always do hers. With Dr. Nash you will accomplish the health goals you seek, I promise.

S. Vine

One of the happiest days in my life was when Dr. Ginger Nash became my doctor. I had a chronic weight problem all my life. At 5 feet 6 inches my highest weight was 320 pounds. I had a history of severe arthritis, and I had colon cancer at the age of 68. When I met Dr. Nash I had lost 150 pounds through process diet weight loss programs. Although I lost weight I still was a compulsive binge eater, and I was always tired and weak. My greatest fear was regaining all my weight back.  Dr. Nash put me on the Genotype diet, and I have lost 21 pounds. This is the first time in my entire 69 years of life that I have maintained a weight of 149 pounds. I do not binge anymore and I have the energy of a fifty year old person. The arthritis went away, too. I eat well and I exercise and do yoga every day. Dr. Nash is extremely knowledgeable. She sincerely works hard to help keep me young and well nourished. The Genotype diet has been a dream come true for me. All I can say is thank you Ginger for giving me a new healthy life.

Al Golub

I was referred to Dr Nash from a friend in 2009. I had suffered from poor digestion, awful skin irritations, and the feeling of fatigue for no reason. Going to Dr Nash has not just cured each of my struggles but has brought me to a whole new level of health that I had never imagined. I feel amazing not just physically but mentally and emotionally! I feel confident, strong, clear, focused, more energetic, and overall happier. Dr Nash put together a very easy structure to follow in my busy life. I am confident I can trust Dr Nash. My family and close friends saw how much Dr. Nash had helped me and are now patients and are enjoying the same benefits as I have. I proudly recommend her to anybody.

Abbi Kane
Greenwich, CT

I was in a car crash in 1998 causing collarbone fracture and broken ribs. Since the collarbone healed, it is deformed and one inch shorter than the other. Since then, as I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck, my left trapezius muscle spasms and hurts a great deal of the time. Until I met Ginger Nash. At the urging of my massage therapist, I consulted Ginger a couple of years ago for Acupuncture. As a traditionalist American Physician, I was skeptical but willing to try anything. I had been in constant pain for several months with no relief. After my first Acupuncture experience, the pain was relieved for 3–4 hours; after my second treatment, no pain for 3–4 days; after the third, 3–4 weeks; and after the fourth, the pain has never recurred! I am no longer a skeptic and have recently been seeing her for Acupuncture for a flare-up of old sciatica. The treatments are definitely helping relieve the pain. And soon, I hope, she will begin treating Dry Eye Syndrome with Acupuncture! I have volunteered to be her first patient.

Jeffrey D. Gold, MD
Hamden, CT

Dr. Ginger Nash is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her wealth and depth of knowledge, coupled with her sensitivity, intuitive nature and passion to heal others has enabled me to make great strides in healing. Dr. Nash's cranio-sacral treatments, along with the remedies she recommends, have proven to be not only beneficial to me but also imperative and fundamental to my healing from chronic disease. After each session with Dr. Nash, I have experienced a decrease in physical pain, an increase in my quality of sleep, and an over all feeling of well being. Through her program, I am seeing the positive effects on my whole being. I have tremendous gratitude to Dr. Nash. Through her expertise, I am healing. I am improving. Many thanks to you, Dr. Nash!


Dr. Nash combines a warm and caring bedside manner with an impressive knowledge of our bodies. I came to her this year with a chronic gastro-intestinal complaint that had not seen improvement despite years of care. By prescribing supplements, homeopathic remedies and the genotype diet, the complaint healed, and I feel more confident in my dietary choices. I appreciated Dr. Nash's sound medical knowledge and her ability to change the treatment as my condition improved. I highly recommend her practice.

L. Gardner

Diagnosed with lyme disease in 2005, I've suffered intermittently with an array of symptoms, most recent being neurologically based:  stabbing pain across my eyes, eye twitching/tremors, and tingling numbness of the face.  I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Nash and have been working with her for almost a year. Whereas traditional doctors had offered prescriptions for steroids, and anti-seizure medications, she has treated me in a holistic way.  First, she recommended that I use a biodrainage system that focused on gentle detoxification, so that my chemical sensitivities and hyper-reactive immune system would calm down. In conjunction, she suggested doing cranial-sacral therapy to help with my eye symptoms and head pains.  After the first session, it was clear that we were on the right path, because my eye twitching and tremors almost immediately stopped.  We have subsequently kept up the cranial-sacral therapy and have rotated using different homeopathic remedies targeted at the neurological system.  This combination has kept my symptoms at bay, and even during flare-ups, they are not nearly as bad as when I first started treatment with Dr. Nash. Dr. Nash is a smart, compassionate, competent doctor who "thinks outside of the box" and is adaptive to your needs and concerns.  She is in this field for all of the right reasons--to help people heal using synergistic modalities.   She remains humble and eager to learn from her clients as well.  With her focus on a strong alliance, she builds the necessary trust that allows for honest, direct communication.  As a psychologist/researcher, I was aware of the "placebo effect," and was initially skeptical about her treatment recommendations. Not any more. I am a true believer.  And, that was no easy feat!!!  Her approach works, and I would encourage anyone who's suffering with ailments to seek a consultation and use her services.  You will surely benefit from her expertise, and be grateful that you found her too!